Tiny Houses for Sale in Victoria

A tiny home is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a much smaller version of a conventional home with everything you need available but in a scaled-down form.

Due to the reduced size, living in a tiny home is different to a conventional residence. However, we have a range of tiny houses for sale in Victoria and each one is customisable so there’s sure to be one to suit your needs. If not, we can create a totally bespoke design.

Flexibility and Plenty of Benefits of Tiny Homes for Sale in Victoria

You may want a tiny house as your main residence if you’re downsizing, or to provide guest accommodation for occasional use or as a prefabricated granny flat for more permanent occupation. Whatever the purpose, our tiny homes in Victoria have a lot of benefits and features that make them an attractive proposition:

  • Their small size means they can be placed on a relatively limited plot of land, even in a backyard with room to spare, and they don’t need substantial and costly foundations. You can even choose to go off-grid by locating in a remote area.
  • The homes are easily relocatable if you choose to move, being quickly disassembled and then reassembled at the new site.
  • They’re much cheaper than conventional homes and are far quicker to build and install with minimal disruption. Many people can pay for their tiny house within three years or so compared to the 25-30 years it typically takes to pay off the mortgage on a conventional property.
  • The houses are totally flexible in terms of size and layout so can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • They’re cheaper to run due to their smaller size, with reduced energy bills in particular and a lower carbon footprint. You can reduce your bills even further with solar panels and composting toilets, particularly necessary if you do go off grid.

Quality and Comfort Ensured With Tony Homes in Victoria

Downsizing to a tiny house doesn’t mean you have to reduce your standard of living — far from it. The emphasis for all our tiny houses for sale in Victoria is quality and we aim to make each one as comfortable and liveable as possible.

At Humpy Co. our standard range comes with a choice of different styles, sizes, finishes and layouts. Additionally, we can adapt standard designs to meet your needs or create a completely bespoke design to make a home that’s just right for you. Each house can have several bedrooms and can be fully fitted with air conditioning, heating and a full set of kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Comfort and quality on a reduced scale and at an affordable price are our aims and we achieve them by working closely with you throughout the project. We’ll assess your plot, find out what you need and then complete an agreed plan and specification with a set price.

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Take the First Step to Affordable Housing Freedom

We’ll keep you fully updated throughout the build phase and will install on-site on an agreed date. Then you can move in, and the process is complete, although we provide a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure you’re fully satisfied. Contact us today to start your tiny living experience.

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