What You Could Do with Prefabricated Homes on the Sunshine Coast

Diversity has been the watchword of the economy in this part of the world, just as it is still the key to success in Australia as a whole. It is not surprising, then, that people should be looking at ways of adapting their property to enable them to make good use of the yard space as well as what already exists as bricks and mortar.

Could you do with some extra accommodation for a granny flat, some office space for a new side project or perhaps to rent out and enjoy the extra income while someone else does the work? These are all possibilities with Sunshine Coast prefabricated homes, which is what we at Humpy Co. provide for enterprising homeowners in this area.

What are Modular Homes?

On the Sunshine Coast modular homes can be pretty much whatever you want them to be. They are small units of accommodation – which is to say they can be occupied, although they don’t necessarily have to be lived in. If you would like some accommodation for a family member to live in so you can keep an eye on them, then a prefabricated modular home on the Sunshine Coast can make a perfect granny flat, but it could just as easily be an office here you can do a bit of work away from the hurly-burly of family life but without actually going out. “Where’s Mum?” “Doing her online thing in the pod. She’ll be back in in a while.”

For older teenagers who can be relied on to work without supervision, a prefabricated home on the Sunshine Coast can be a place to study at a proper desk rather than hunched up in their bed or at the dining room table.

Maybe there is a lack of affordable office space near you, and you could rent your pod out to someone for their business while you relax and enjoy the income.

So, a tiny home doesn’t have to mean a place of residence; it can be a home for an idea, or a project Adaptability is a close relative of diversity, and they are both key ingredients of a thriving economy.

Let Us Handle the Paperwork of a Sunshine Coast Modular Home

Often when there is a change of use involved, the local council will want to know about it and decide if it is permissible, and while that may be a tedious hoop to jump through if you are not that way inclined, we can take care of that side of it. We know our products, our materials and the way everything is put together, so it makes sense for us to deal with the council on your behalf.

Talking of products and materials, we are proud to say we buy and use Australian wherever possible, and we use sustainable materials too.

Sunshine Coast Prefabricated Modular Homes are Flat Packed for Convenience

It may seem unlikely, but even a top-quality building project like this can be delivered to the site in manageable flat packs, so there is no need for cranes and that sort of plant turning your property into an ugly, noisy, hazardous place. At Humpy Co. we get most of the hard work done at the factory before we deliver and assemble, from the galvanised steel frame to the innovative panels.

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So, that’s adaptability, diversity, sustainability, and convenience, all designed to make your life easier with prefabricated modular homes on the Sunshine Coast.

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