Prefabricated Houses in Brisbane — a Great Alternative to Traditional Housing

Prefabricated houses in Brisbane haven’t always had the best of reputations, often being thought of as cheap, poor quality, badly insulated and lacking in aesthetic features. That’s all changed and modern prefabricated homes in Brisbane are in many ways better than those built by traditional methods.

Today’s prefabricated houses are built by modular construction methods and from the highest quality materials. They’re built to last and to provide comfort, practicality and good looks for the owners. Prefabricated homes are changing the way that modern houses are built and delivered to customers.

Features and Benefits of Prefabricated Homes in Brisbane

If you have any doubts about buying a prefabricated home, be assured that there are many reasons why they’re a great idea. They are:

  • strong, with galvanised steel panels and steel roofs that give rigidity to the structure, so it is able to withstand extreme conditions
  • warm and comfortable due to the structurally insulated panels (SIP) that have an effective layer of insulation between the inner and outer facings
  • aesthetically pleasing with treated pine exteriors (Shadowclad) that are available in a variety of colours
  • much cheaper than traditional homes because of improved production methods and can be of various sizes and finishes to fit your individual budget
  • quicker to build so your new home is ready to move into much sooner; factory-built components are assembled on site, with no need for extensive and costly foundations and fast connection to utilities
  • of higher quality because they’re built in factory conditions and so are not affected by adverse weather conditions and are quality control checked at every stage
  • more environmentally friendly by using only materials from sustainable sources and requiring fewer trips by trucks and mechanised equipment to and from the site
  • individually designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs
  • flexible, in that they can be easily extended and can also be disassembled and moved to another site
  • delivered complete with doors, windows and specified fittings.

A Prefabricated House that Meets Your Needs Exactly

Whatever size and style of house you need, we can provide it. We have a range of standard types that you can adapt and extend so they match your requirements exactly. All are manufactured right here in Australia so they are designed and built to cope with the harsh weather conditions that can sometimes be experienced here. They also conform to all local and national regulations.

Every home we supply is durable, with its strength provided by its galvanised steel frame and steel roof. The Shadowclad exterior adds to the aesthetics of the building while the insulating material used ensures your comfort in cold weather and at the same time keeps your heating bills low. We manufacture and install all components ourselves and so have full control over quality.

Black Swan

Take the First Step to Affordable Housing Freedom

For a compact and sustainable dwelling that’s delivered quickly, to your exact specifications and for a much cheaper price than for a traditional build, you can’t beat one of our prefabricated houses. So get in touch today and we’ll start the process to create your new prefabricated home in Brisbane.

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