Install Backyard Office Studios in Australia for the Perfect Working Environment

The Demand for Modular Backyard Pods

With many more people now working from home at least some of the time, the demand for appropriate space to do the work is increasing. The regularity of the work means that working on the kitchen table is now no longer practical and something more permanent is needed to avoid unnecessary disruption.

The answer in most cases is to install a backyard office studio that will provide the necessary space and resources. The use of separate outdoor office pods enables work to be kept completely separate from home life and allows a proper work-life balance to be maintained.

Choosing your Required Backyard Office Pod

We have plenty of backyard pods for sale, but this is a significant investment that can change your life, so you need to consider carefully to be sure you make the right choice.

  • Choose the size of backyard office pod kit you need and ensure it will fit in the available space. Select the most appropriate location, taking into account the movement of the sun, and mark out where the modular backyard studio will go. Allow sufficient space around it for maintenance and check the interior space will be enough to hold all the furniture and equipment you need without being too restrictive.
  • Determine the required interior layout. Many backyard studios are simple one-room affairs that act as basic offices. However, you may also need storage space or require a multi-function facility that will double as an office during working hours and as a leisure space at other times.
  • Decide on the appearance. Our pods are clad in treated pine that can be coloured to your preference. You can also specify the position of doors, windows and power points for your convenience. For a backyard pod kit that is to be used as an office, think particularly about the position of your desk and computer equipment, ensuring the computer screen is shaded from glare.

Helping You Ensure Your Outdoor Office Pod Meets Your Needs

Making your office space work effectively can be challenging but we have extensive experience with efficient layouts. We can, therefore, provide all the help and advice you need to ensure you have a practical and attractive working environment.

At Humpy Co. We can visit your site, advise on the best location for your pod and help you choose the most suitable one. Whether thats a backyard pod in Melbourne or a backyard pod in Brisbane. We can also help with the internal layout and external appearance so that the pod is as individual as you but is also practical in use.

Once we agree on everything, we’ll proceed quickly with the manufacture at our Bangalow production facility and will then deliver and install on-site. It’s a quick and efficient process and we will keep you informed of progress throughout. The result will be an office space you can be proud of for many years, and which will give you a trouble-free and effective working environment.


Contact us to see how a backyard office pod can help with your working life and recreation time. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Our Process

Once you have selected your design from our range our design team with work with you to discuss windows, doors, colours, electrical and any add ons to perfect your space.  
Once you have approved your design we commence the manufacturing stage. This stage can take between 4-6 weeks.
The time has come, installation of your new Humpy! Our team of qualified carpenters will ensure installation takes place with minimal disturbance to you and your neighbours. Installation time varies depending on your selected design.

Standard Inclusions

Aluminium windows
Fly Screens
Steel Frame

Why Choose a Humpy Co. Humpy

Flexible Designs
Once you’ve selected the Humpy of your choice, we set about designing the placement of windows and doors specifically for your location.
Off-Site Construction
Within a matter of days your pod's construction is underway. As we’re nearing completion we’ll again be in touch to lock in the installation date.
Fast Installation
Most Humpy’s are erected in a day. The flat pack design means the team arrive in the morning to carry the panels in. By the afternoon, the pod will be in place.
Solid construction
A Humpy is made of galvanised steel panels lined with ply for the interior, Shadowclad on the exterior and all fully insulated. The roof is Australia’s favourite, Colourbond steel.
Fully insulated
Nestled within every wall and ceiling is insulation. The ceiling’s insulation is rated at R3.0 and the walls R2.0. Rhinowrap is also added to further protect you from the elements.
Easily relocated
When it’s time to relocate, the Humpy needn’t be left behind. Just as easily as a Humpy is erected, they can be taken down, packed onto a truck and brought along to the new location.
Making it personal
We’ve seen red ones, grey ones, long ones and little ones. A design as contemporary and elegant as this makes for the perfect canvas to create your own masterpiece. 
Australian Made
All design, construction and assembly is carried out in our Bangalow workshop using Australian products. From there, we ship.

Our Standard Range Includes

Shadowclad is a modern, sustainable treated pine material found on many inner city modern buildings and luxury homes. 
The interior of every pod is lined with our 9mm hardwood ply. It's strong enough to hang shelving and pictures and gives your pod the feeling of a home, not a container. 
Galvanised Steel, enemy of the termites, friend to the Australian elements. Together with Stratco we've designed a series of panels to withstand the harshest conditions. 
Multi-layer walls include layers of PolyGuard insulation, steel, timber, and Rhino Wrap comes together to protect you from the elements.

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