Backyard Studio Kits in Queensland for Increased Efficiency

Working from home can be a lonely existence and it can sometimes be difficult to maintain concentration. But it does help if you are in a purpose-built workspace where everything you need is to hand.

One of our office pods in Queensland is the sort of workspace that will enhance your productivity and give an appearance of professionalism. We have a wide variety to choose from and any of them will be a vast improvement on working on the dining room table or in any cramped and unsuitable area of the house. Each will enable a dedicated workspace where you are separate from the other activities of the household.

Office Pods Is The Easy Way to Add Office Space

A backyard office pod is an innovative and versatile structure that can be installed almost anywhere with little preparation. Because it’s a modular backyard studio, it is built under factory conditions, which means there are no delays or quality issues due to bad weather conditions. The result is a building that is delivered quicker, better, cheaper and with minimal disruption.

Installing a backyard pod is a much simpler alternative to extending your existing property. Added to this, there is much less hassle and little paperwork to be gone through.

Before acquiring a backyard studio kit, you just need to determine when and how it will be used — possibly a mixture of business and pleasure so it will be used days, nights and weekends. That will enable you to assess how big it needs to be, what it is to contain and the layout.

As well as practicality and functionality, you also need to make sure the pod looks good and fits in with the appearance of your property. That not only means choosing a colour that blends in but also ensuring the pod doesn’t look too obtrusive or out of place. Location is key, especially since you need easy access, a comfortable working environment and the ability to move all around the pod.

Office Pod Buying without Stress

At Humpy Co., we understand the challenges you face when buying a backyard pod kit, particularly if for the first time. So we aim to make the process as straightforward as possible so it creates the minimum amount of stress.

Your main role in the process is to tell us what you need — how you will use the shed pods, where it is to go, content and layout. After that, we’ll do most of the rest.

We’ll design the backyard studio kit to meet your requirements and, once we have agreed on the specification and price, we’ll start the build in our modern production facility. We will then deliver to the site and install on a prepared base, connect to services and you’re ready to go.

The whole process takes a matter of a few weeks rather than the several months associated with a traditional build. And your pod is fully fitted out, so you only need to move in your furniture and equipment to get started.

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So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you’ll be able to stop working on the dining room table.

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