Portable Granny Flats for Sale in Victoria

Granny flat for Sale Victoria” is not a headline you will find very often, for the simple reason that granny flats are generally attached to larger properties and either the whole caboodle will be for sale, or it won’t. That makes the service we offer pretty unusual because, for us, granny flats for sale in Victoria are exactly what we offer.

Our pods, or units, are known as granny flats because that is a very popular use for them. They can also be ideal for other things such as a bit of office space at home or a playroom to get the boisterous fun out of the house but still close enough to keep tabs on.

The fact that our units are flat packed and delivered to your property to be assembled without major disruption should not detract from the fact they are superbly made, beautifully finished living or working spaces: the kind of high quality, sustainable Australian granny flats for sale Victoriax can be proud of, in fact.

The alternatives to our portable granny flats for sale in Victoria you will be offered will involve conventional construction and that will mean traditional building site noise and airborne debris, the sort of thing that has you needing to grin and bear it, whereas we offer an altogether more relaxed, tolerable experience. We do most of the hard work at the factory, so when the packs get to you, it’s a relatively painless process all round.

How a Flat Packed Granny Flat for Sale in Victoria Works

It does sound rather unlikely to some people, we know, so here is the process of your granny flat Victoria for sale in a nutshell. Your unit will be manufactured to your specifications at our factory and packed into shippable, manageable packages, from galvanised frames to innovative, efficient panels along with all the peripheral parts that are needed. It will be transported promptly to your home and assembled without fuss or drama, with all the services and utilities connected, ready for the lucky resident to move in – subject to your furnishing it, of course.

Along the way, if any permissions are required by the local council, we will have found out what they are and liaised with the relevant departments, so if you’re not particularly bureaucracy-friendly, don’t worry, we will take care of it.

Contact Us to Finalise Your Choice of Portable Granny Flat in Victoria

You can browse here on the website and see some examples of what we have done for our many satisfied customers in the past, so if you’re having trouble coming up with a mental picture of the possibilities, that should help. Then contact us by phone or fill in the online form with your contact details and between us, we will come up with the perfect design that combines all your requirements with a degree of style and substance you may not have envisaged.

The reality of portable granny flats for sale in Victoria often greatly exceeds customers’ expectations and it is always a huge pleasure for us to help people in this way.

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