Less Disruptions with Backyard Pods in Brisbane

Conventional home extensions are very expensive and take a long time to complete. They also involve a lot of paperwork, cause much disruption, with plenty of noise and dust resulting from the building work, and generally are very stressful.

A much better alternative is often to install backyard pods in Brisbane. These are much cheaper, quicker to install and cause minimal disruption. An added bonus is that, depending on their use and location, they may not require local council authorisation.

Backyard Office Pods Have Multiple Uses and Big Savings

Our pods are suitable for all sorts of uses, whether a backyard office pod in Brisbane, a granny flat, guest sleeping accommodation, a games room, a man cave or for any purpose you think is suitable. They are much quicker and cheaper to build and install because:

  • all manufacturing is off-site under controlled factory conditions so there are no delays or adverse effects on quality due to poor weather conditions
  • often development is exempt so you won’t need to obtain approval
  • costly concrete foundations are not necessary; instead, the pod will be installed on skids or a supplied base on levelled ground
  • we have pre-designed buildings for urgent development or can customise existing plans or create new ones for great flexibility in producing exactly what you need
  • there is less traffic to and from the site since most of the work there is only at the end of the project when the pod is delivered, installed and connected to services
  • pods are constructed from engineer-certified panels that are fully insulated and durable for longevity in any conditions.

Backyard Pods in Brisbane Provide Exactly What You Need

Our aim is to supply the pod you want, when you want it and within your budget. To achieve this, we put in a lot of effort, particularly in the early stages, to ensure everything goes smoothly so you won’t find it a stressful experience.

We will fully assess your needs, survey your site and design a pod solution that is entirely suitable. We will provide a full specification at the outset together with a comprehensive price that includes everything with no hidden extras or increases.

We will manufacture promptly to a high standard under controlled conditions and deliver to your site on the promised date. Since everything is delivered in flat-pack form, we can transport through narrow entrances and to sites that are difficult to access. Installation will generally be completed within one day and we’ll keep you updated throughout the whole process, so you always know what is happening.

What you’ll end up with is a backyard pod that looks great, has the layout and equipment you need, and will last a lifetime with little maintenance. And all that will be achieved within your budget and on time. After installation, we will always be available if you need to alter or relocate your pod.

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To experience our exceptional products and services here at Humpy Co., get in touch today. You will quickly have an outdoor pod that you’ll be proud of, that will be perfect for your stated purpose, and which will enhance the appearance and value of your home.

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