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Unlock the full potential of your backyard space with our innovative solutions for granny flats, tiny homes and studios.

We specialize in designing and constructing high-quality, versatile living spaces that maximize comfort, functionality, and style.

Whether you're looking for a guest house, permanent living space, home office, a consultation space or an extra income opportunity, we have the perfect solution for you. Read More

Prefabricated Houses, Shed Pods and Buildings for a Variety of Uses

Many of us would like some extra space in our homes, whether for additional living or entertainment room, for guest accommodation or storage. The problem is providing that space can be costly and disruptive, requiring you to move to a bigger property or to extend your existing one.

A better solution is to install one of our backyard studios or a similar building to provide that additional space. We have a wide range of standard properties available in different sizes and styles, all of which can be customised in addition to providing bespoke solutions.

=Uses and Benefits of our Shed Pods=

We supply a diverse range of properties that have multiple uses. We have:

  • tiny houses for sale that can be your main residence or can be used as a holiday home or for guest accommodation
  • flat pack studios that can be assembled and installed on a relatively small plot of land, including your backyard, for use as an office, entertainment area or for any purpose you think suitable
  • fabricated granny flats for sale that can be located in your backyard so that dependant relatives can live independently but have help close at hand if they need it.

All the properties we supply are modular buildings and these have many advantages over conventional buildings:

  • They are built in our modern factory under controlled conditions. Unlike conventional buildings, therefore, they are not adversely affected by bad weather so there are no delays or reductions in quality. Manufacturing is much safer, quicker and subject to extensive quality control checks at every stage.
  • The properties are much cheaper to buy than those built by traditional methods and, in the case of tiny houses, are much cheaper to run.
  • Everything is built here in Australia from the best quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Properties are constructed from panels that comprise galvanised steel frames with ply interiors, Shadowclad exteriors and full insulation between, with a steel roof. The result is a building that is extremely durable and designed to last a lifetime.
  • Buildings are very versatile in terms of use and layout and can be easily disassembled and reassembled if you wish to relocate. They can also be fully fitted with equipment and appliances and provide all the comfort you need.
  • Since the main work is undertaken in our factory, there are relatively few visits to the site. These are limited to site preparation, with no extensive foundations needed, and installation at the end of the process.

Ensuring Project Success and Satisfaction

Modular buildings are all we do. They are our speciality, so we are fully familiar with every aspect of the process of designing, planning, building, and installing them. Consequently, we know how to make a project a success and we strive to have fully satisfied customers at the end of every process.

Every backyard office pod project is unique and is treated as such, so we don’t try to force customers into accepting standard designs because that’s all we have. Instead, we fully assess each customer’s needs, survey the site and propose a building that will be suitable.

Humpy Co. believes in transparency, with fixed price quotations and no hidden extras, full specifications and constant updates on progress. We aim for a stress-free process and a successful outcome every time. If you want to experience how we work and create more space in your life, contact us today. Read Less

Fuss Free Install
The clever design means the hard work is done before it arrives on-site.

Flat Packed
The Humpy arrives flat packed and assembled on-site. No noise, no mess.

Made from a galvanised steel frame, there's nothing lightweight about a Humpy.

The use of sustainable building material is an integral part of our design. Not only does it have a reduction in the environmental footprint, but it also provides our product with longevity and durability.
We can disassemble and reassemble in a matter of hours.
Australian made
The design, manufacturing and installation process are all unique to us. 

Yes we take care of all council certification and communication.

For all projects requiring building approval, we begin with The Drafting Package.
Many of our designs require no building approval, contact us for more information.

Our Range

Choose from either our 2.4m or 3.0m options, make them any length you like, even add multiples together.


A smaller space at 2.4m wide


Arrange multiple pods

Housing Industry Australia

The simplest build
you'll ever experience

Choose your Size
Choose the size Humpy that best fits your space, your purpose and your budget.
Modify the Layout
Select and arrange the windows, doors and power points.
Choose your Add-Ons
Choose from a range of Add-Ons such as Deck & Pergola, Kitchen, Bathroom and more.

Transportable Humpys for work or play

The clever design of our transportable flat pack humpys means the hard work is already done before it arrives on-site, with quick assembly minus the noise or mess. Made from a galvanised steel frame, there's nothing lightweight about a Humpy.

Rest assured, the design, manufacturing and installation process is all unique to Humpy Co. We’re committed to providing Australians with convenient and affordable access to innovatively-designed and quality-made cabin granny flats for extending their indoor living spaces into the backyard for whatever purpose you need it for – be it a home office, recreational space, guest house retreat, home extension or otherwise.

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DIY or Leave It To Us

As well as being one of the originals to bring flat packed tiny homes to the world, we're also licensed builders. 

Humpy Co. design, deliver & install your new dwelling in a matter of weeks.

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