How Can Prefabricated Homes in Gold Coast Help You?

There is something about the Gold Coast that makes people think outside the box. That is a very appropriate expression in our line of work because we are all about solving problems and creating opportunities regarding living space and working areas. When your existing home, much as you may love it, can’t quite meet your needs anymore, we provide a way of giving you a little extra without the expense and hassle of redevelopment. We can just bring along some flat-packed rooms for you to do what you like with.

Yes, flat packed. That’s as convenient as anyone could possibly imagine. The prefabricated houses Gold Coast needs. Gold Coast prefabricated homes can mean a granny flat, a place to get that idea for a small business off the ground, or a games room to use up some of the youthful energy that is shaking the house and needs a venue. It can mean tiny homes. Humpy Co. is our name and prefabricated homes in Gold Coast is our game. We are very serious about this, but it’s so simple it sometimes seems like a game.

How Can a Gold Coast Prefabricated Home be Substantial?

We start with the basic requirement of a galvanised steel frame and onto that we build a proper, sturdy structure, using Australian materials and innovative panel design. With more than 40 years in the building industry, we know what we’re doing, and we approach it in a different way that helps to an amazing extent with freighting and installation logistics. When the parts reach your site, there is no need for a huge crane and all that upheaval, because we have thought it through in advance and it’s all manageable.

In some circumstances you will need permission, but here’s the thing: we will handle that for you. We know the ins and outs of our homes and we know what the authorities will be concerned about. Therefore, we are well-placed to help your project sail through the process without you being asked questions you can’t answer. Official processes may seem unnecessarily complicated at first, but when you’ve been through it as many times as we have, often it’s not such a problem after all.

Speed and Simplicity

We offer a turnkey service where what we hand over is ready to go, so all you need to do is move your stuff in. Your unit will be connected to the utilities and services, properly finished and looking great. Because we have thought it all through and refined the system, we offer quick turnaround times for manufacture, delivery and installation. So, take a look at our range and we are sure you will see options that would be suitable for you. A tweak here and there to accommodate all your ideas and you can be on the way to a solution double quick.

Black Swan

Contact us About Your Prefabricated Home on the Gold Coast and Let’s Get Cracking

You can call us to discuss your project or fill in the online enquiry form and leave us your contact details. Either way, let’s get this show on the road. A prefabricated home in Gold Coast could be exactly what you need.

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