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What Do No Council Approval Granny Flats in Queensland Look Like?

A granny flat, also known as a backyard pod or tiny home, offers a convenient solution for backyard space. By not being directly connected to the main building, granny flats offer a comfortable experience with outdoor surroundings.

Some typical uses of granny flats include dwellings for older relatives, personal gyms, or yoga studios. Other uses may include pool houses, storage, or artistic studios. For those looking to optimise their revenue stream, a granny flat often offers a superb return on investment as a rental property.

What you do with your granny flat is up to you, but it is sometimes necessary to seek council approval before beginning the construction process. In the next section, we’ll outline the current regulations for building granny flats in Queensland.

Build Granny Flats Without Council Approval In QLD

(Firstly, please note that it is always worth checking the specific regulations of your suburb!).

Previously, renting out a granny flat to family members was a more arduous process, requiring permission for most building projects. However, recently Queensland has relaxed its development regulations, making it easier than ever to build a granny flat on your property.

There are two key regulations: the first is that the secondary dwelling must not exceed 80 square metres in the house area. (For reference, 80 square metres is roughly the equivalent of a studio flat or a small one-bedroomed house). The second condition of Queensland planning approval is that your secondary dwelling must not be further than 20 metres away from your main house. Unless you have a very large backyard, this is unlikely to present an issue.

Our granny flats all comply with the first condition of planning approval in so far as they are smaller than 80 square metres. There is a slightly more nebulous third specification: ‘in any way, your proposed building work does not comply with the acceptable outcomes outlined in the relevant guidelines.’

At Humpy Co., we’re experts in helping people obtain council approval. Our approach is ‘hands-off’, meaning that you only need to provide your details, and we can take care of the rest. Our customers love that they can sit back and choose the interior decor, rather than stressing about communicating back and forth with their local council.

Discover More About Building a Granny Flat in QLD

Here at Humpy Co., we have four decades of experience in the building industry, ensuring that we understand the various intricacies of acquiring council building permissions.

If you’d like to speak more with one of our experts about getting permission to build a granny flat on your Queensland property, we invite you to get in touch. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision well in advance of any commitment.

To speak with us directly, please phone 1300 486 792. If you’d like to see our granny flats for yourself, you can give yourself a tour of our virtual display village or book a free tour of our display suite in Burleigh Heads.

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