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New South Wales offers beautiful landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle, making it a great place to own a tiny home. From the beaches of Sydney to the outback towns, or backspace living in Byron Bay, tiny houses allow you to live affordably and minimise your environmental impact.

At Humpy Co., we’ve designed our range to accommodate to these serene hot spots, maximising what it means to enjoy the great outdoors.

Explore Our Pod Houses for Sale in NSW

Buying your own pod house allows you to customise it to perfectly suit your needs. Here are some key steps if you're planning to construct a pod home in NSW:

● Research design ideas and floor plans that work with your lifestyle. Focus on multifunctional spaces.
● Check your local council's regulations on minimum house size, height limits, and required facilities. Requirements vary across NSW.
● Purchase or prepare your land. Our pod houses can work on standard lots or rural properties. Off-grid options are possible.
● Obtain building approvals and permits from your council. You may need special approval for composting toilets, greywater systems, and alternative energy sources.
● Hire a draftsperson to create technical drawings meeting regulations.
● Choose one of our compact homes to get the perfect layout and style for your needs.

Why Buy from Humpy Co.?

When you buy a tiny home from Humpy Co., you get the best in quality, customisation, and customer service. Our team works closely with you to understand your lifestyle and design the perfect, efficient home. We use only high-grade, sustainable materials to maximise durability, and all of our designs allow for cost-effective customisation.

Frequently Asked Questions About

What are the laws around living in a tiny house in NSW?
In NSW, you can live in a fixed tiny house that meets minimum dwelling size requirements. These vary by council but are typically around 50-60 sqm. Tiny homes can also be used as secondary dwellings like granny flats, subject to approval.

How much does it cost to build or buy a tiny house in NSW?
Costs vary greatly depending on size, materials, fittings and whether you build it yourself or use a company. We highly encourage you to contact us to get a tailored quote.

What are the main benefits of living in a pod house?
Benefits include affordability, sustainability, flexibility, and a minimalist lifestyle. Our pod homes allow you to reduce clutter, lower your environmental footprint, and focus on what's important. They provide cost-effective housing options.

Start Living Small in NSW Today

Are you ready to embrace simple living in a tiny home? NSW's beautiful landscapes provide the perfect setting. Browse our range of gorgeous prefabricated homes now or contact us for more information.

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