Backyard Studios in Melbourne — Workspace Without the Fuss

Working from home is all about convenience and productivity. But you’ll never properly achieve either if you don’t have a practical and comfortable space to work in.

If you have restricted available space within your home, the only real solution is to add extra space. The conventional method is to extend your property but that can be very expensive and disruptive so a much cheaper and simpler alternative is to install an office pod in Melbourne that can go out in your backyard. That effectively solves the problem.

Help with Choosing Garden Pods for your Melbourne Home

Installing one of our backyard pods in Melbourne is not a big deal, provided you choose wisely and approach the project in a practical manner. We have the knowledge, experience, and the will to help you do that and ensure everything involved with your backyard office studio works out well.

The main challenges are to ensure your office pod is in the right place, is of the correct size, looks good and has everything you need. Again, we can help you achieve those aims so you get the exact office space you need.

Our backyard pods can be used for any required purpose, whether as a conventional office, a studio or simply as an additional recreation space. With a little thought and planning, you can create a multi-function space that can have different uses at various times.

Decide how much internal space you need for activities and storage, then plan the layout to accommodate these. We have various sizes of pods and can custom-make one to suit your exact needs.

Once you have determined the size, you will need to be sure it will fit in your backyard without taking up all the available space. This includes having sufficient space around it for maintenance and being able to open doors and windows. Fortunately, you can position the doors and windows where most convenient and can also choose where internal fittings, including power points, are to go.

You can choose a style of pod that has the right aesthetic appeal for your property and can also select an external colour that will blend in or contrast. The aim is to create a building that not only is fully functional and practical but also looks good and will enhance the appearance and value of your property. It also needs to be completely compliant, so you may need permission from the local council if the pod isn’t for domestic use.

Providing the Backyard Office Pod You Need

At Humpy Co. we want to help you obtain the backyard studio pod in Melbourne that works for you. So we will do our utmost to ensure you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford. That’s made more likely by us providing a full design, build and installation service so we can create pods that are truly bespoke.

We’ll also be available later in case you want to extend, relocate your backyard office pod to Brisbane or otherwise alter your pod.

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Buying from an experienced supplier such as us gives you peace of mind that your pod will look good and remain effective for many years to come. Read testaments from our customers if you need reassurance and speak to us if you have any questions or need advice. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

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