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What Are No Council Approval Granny Flats in NSW?

Granny flats have a variety of functions, stemming from yoga studios or personal gyms to guest spaces to tourist rentals (useful for those looking to grow their income). However, arranging council approval can be difficult, depending on the regulations of the council in question.

The building regulations in New South Wales are generally centred on the status of the granny flat (as a secondary dwelling to the primary dwelling) and its physical specifications.

Can You Build a Granny Flat In NSW Without Approval?

The good news is that you can build a granny flat in NSW without seeking council permission, but this is contingent on your granny flat conforming to certain building regulations.

For example, your land must have a minimum area of 450 square metres, but the granny flat itself must not exceed 60 square metres of internal area. You are only permitted one secondary dwelling (i.e. granny flat), and it must be in combination with your main house (the primary dwelling).

Dimensionally, the granny flat must also conform to certain criteria. it must be set 3 metres back from the rear, and 0.9m to the primary dwelling’s side boundaries. Time to get out the tape measure.

However, the granny flat is also subject to lot boundaries, meaning that if you own a large plot of land (900+ square metres), you will be able to increase the setback boundaries.

The best way to confirm that your granny flat project will conform to New South Wales’ regulations and site requirements is to consult with a professional. Here at Humpy Co., we’re experts at navigating the site regulation process. We’ve been in the building industry for four decades and therefore have helped hundreds of customers build regulation-compliant granny flats.

What differentiates Humpy Co. from its competitors is that we can guide our customers through all paperwork processes, including necessary certifications (note that if you’re planning on renting out your granny flat, you will need to obtain council approval, which we can assist with). Our customers appreciate our ‘hands-off’ approach, whereupon we organise all the logistics, transport, permissions and construction, leaving our customers to relax.

Humpy’s end-to-end approach to building granny flats in New South Wales is complemented by its commitment to working as quickly as possible. We can manufacture and ship the parts quickly, ensuring that construction time is minimised. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for month after month for your project to be done, which we recognise.

Find Out More About Granny Flats in NSW

All of Humpy Co.’s granny flats (in our home living and work studio range) comply with New South Wales building regulations. If you’d like to get a sense of what they may look like on your property, please feel free to take a tour of our visual display suite.

If you have any questions about building a regulatory-compliant granny flat, please call us on or send us a message using our simple contact form. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions so that you can make an informed decision about your granny flat.

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