First Home Owners Grant
Queensland State Government has increased the FHOG to $30,000, with Granny Flats/Secondary dwelling being eligible too.

Queensland's First Home Owners Grant and Granny flats

Queensland's First Home Owners Grant is a great opportunity to get your first home/granny flat/living space, without having to overstretch the budget or finances in comparison to a house and land package. There is a lot of information below, but we are to help. 

1. Your own space: Detached Dwellings Tailored for You
Whether it's a, studio, cozy granny flat or a larger living space, this grant is all about having your own space on a relative's land. Your dream space, designed, built and application approved, including council requirements can all be managed by Humpy Co.

2. Family Bonds Matter: Grant Eligibility Simplified
If they're family—parents, grandparents, children, stepchildren, or siblings (and their spouses)—you're eligible. Simplifying the process for older children that are looking for the first home, or for the parent or grandparent that never had the opportunity to own their home before.

3. Financial Sense: Keeping it Under $750,000
Your granny flat/space shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. The total value of your project needs to stay under $750,000. This will include the value of the portion of the land where you granny flat sits and the value of the building contract, we can help to make sure that we meet this and your own budget/finances.

4. The Essential Paperwork Checklist
To claim the grant, you will need the following and we can walk through each step:
• Building Contract: A signed contract, navigating your dream build for construction, including all the essential details.
• Statutory Declaration: A family-friendly declaration to build on their land, or a copy of a written agreement for official peace of mind.
• Final Inspection Certificate: The green light from local council or private building certifier confirming your dream space meets all standards. We have the ability to manage this process from start to finish.
• Valuation: Showcase the land's value where your new granny flat will be, courtesy of a reliable valuer or a real estate agent.

5. QLD Government example: Abby and Sam’s new home
Abby and Sam have a contract to build a granny flat on Abby’s parent’s land. The final building cost of the granny flat is $115,000. The value of part of the land on which they have the right to build is $210,000.

The total value of the home and land is $325,000.

When applying for the grant, Abby and Sam include the following documents:

• a copy of the contract to build
• a statutory declaration from Abby’s parents giving their authorisation to build on their land
• a valuation showing the value of the part of Abby’s parents land on which they have the right to build.

The title of the whole land remains with Abby’s parents.
If Abby and Sam meet the other eligibility criteria, the home may be eligible for the grant.

6. First Home Owners Grant Essentials: We have condensed the key items for eligibility from the QLD government information page, but the full details can be found in this link.

Grant Amounts:
$30,000 for contracts signed between November 20, 2023, and June 30, 2025.
$15,000 for contracts signed before November 20, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria Overview:

Age: Applicants must be 18 years or older.
Citizenship: Australian citizenship or permanent residency required.
Special Circumstances Consideration:

The Commissioner may use discretion in cases of:
Applicants under 18.
Applications on behalf of a legal disability trust by a guardian.
Previous Grant and Home Ownership:
No previous first home owner grant in any state or territory.
No prior ownership of residential property in Australia since July 1, 2000.

Investment Property Consideration:
Grant not available for investment properties.
If you've owned an investment property since July 1, 2000, evidence is required.

Residence Requirements:
Move into your new home within 1 year of the completed transaction.
Continuous residence for 6 months.
Renting out rooms allowed during the 6-month period, but careful consideration for concessions and eligibility.

Verification and Discretion:
Documentation required to verify residency. Commissioner's discretion in exceptional circumstances regarding residency.

Disqualifying Arrangements:
Arrangements to circumvent eligibility or entitlement will disqualify.
No arrangement solely for obtaining the grant without genuine home acquisition.
Financial help from a related person may disqualify unless for genuine family reasons.
Remember, the First Home Owners Grant is a valuable step towards your dream home. Understanding these essentials ensures a smooth and successful application process which we can help you with.

If you think you may be eligible or even if you are not sure, complete our contact form and we will be in touch.

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