An Office in a Day

Being situated on a slope (with an amazing view) Charles’ Humpy required foundations which the install team took care of the day before.

9:00 am

The boys are underway. The galvanised steel base is done, time to lay the hardwood ply flooring.



The floors are down and it’s time to cover up the ply so it doesn’t get dirty.
Next, the end walls are brought in. Don’t blink.



More wall panels including a window.



Roof panels go up as we complete each section. Next!


More rear panels, more roof. You get the idea. Note the electrical cable – its all plug n play once the panels are in place.


Another rear panel, the front door is next and of course, another roof panel.


Look up in the sky! It’s James!



You get the idea. Shown here is a H6030 which is 6m x 3m. It’s largish for a home office and yet once the footings are in place, the walls and ceiling are installed well within 2 hours.

The next day we returned to install steps. The client intends to add decking and of course a plunge pool at a later date.