A Larger Space For Family
or Guest Accommodation

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The Holiday Range

3.0m Wide | 2.75m High | Any length you like.
Ideal as an addition to the home, AirBnb or guest accommodation.
Floor Plans & Furnishings shown as ideas only

Looking for something even bigger?

Pod Pricing

Model Length m2 Price
H2430 2.4m  10.50 $16,300
H3630 3.6m 11.34 $19,900
H4830 4.8m 15.12 $23,600
H6030 6.0m 18.90 $27,300
H7230 7.2m 22.60 $31,000
Prices shown are for the Pod only. Excludes Add-Ons, Delivery & Installation.
Pricing update as of 20 August 2021.