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Each month we’ll feature a recently-installed Humpy that we’re particularly proud of. This month we’re featuring our friend Sarah. She lives in Byron Bay and has a Boho eye for style. This design is based on our H7230.  

As the name suggests this model is 7.2 metres long and 3.0 metres wide. Sarah chose our 1.2m Deck & Pergola, the Nordic White vinyl flooring, Natural White paint for the walls and ceiling, and sourced her own bathroom fittings.

Leave the Council Approval process to us

Getting your project through council can often be, well … not as enjoyable as sipping lattes in your Humpy. Regulations vary significantly from council to council and the paperwork can seem endless. That’s why we get involved.

If you’re considering a build that requires council approval, our Drafting Package is ideal. It enables us uncover all costs and regulations specific to your project in order to bring your Humpy dream to life with no hidden costs or surprises from the council. 

We can then proceed with the project with a bright green light. 

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Composting Toilet: No longer a dirty word

Recently, we’ve received an increasing number of off-grid enquiries. The portability of Humpies make them the ideal solution for dwellings that aren’t within easy reach of existing infrastructure. 

Composting Toilets (or waterless toilets as they’re often referred to these days) are a far cry to what many of us remember as kids. Ew!

To learn more, EcoFlow has a range of options. Find a stockist near you.

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