Humpy design options

Adaptable and versatile, we offer a range of design options so that you can make a Humpy your own. Check out the styling options below.

Window Options

We have two styles of windows

Slider Windows

400mmH x 850mmW
950mmH x 950mmW
900mmH x 1600mmW

Wind-out window

950mmH x 950mmW

Door Options

We have 2 types of doors

Sliding door

2000mmH x 1550mmW
2000mmH x 2000mmW

Double door

2000mmH x 2000mmW

Decking Options

We have two styles of decking

1200mmW x 24000mmL
2400mmW x 2400mmL

internal walls

Our internal wall is 25mm plywood with a 700mm wide door.

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