A Labour of Love

The Humpy Co. story began as a labour of love for father and son team Brian and Travis Lowe. Based in Bangalow, on the Far North Coast of NSW, Humpy Co. is a small space solution with a big future.

Beyond being known as ‘tiny’ homes for those trading space for simplicity, our backyard Pods are versatile in design and limitless space-creating solutions, crafted with integrity and respect for the environment.

Beauty in Simplicity
Minimalist by design, a Humpy Co. Pod can maximise the usability of your redundant space. Pods come flat-packed and can be installed in a day, offering a practical solution for home and commercial use.

These cost-effective Pods can be used as an extra room for a growing family, a private home office, music-studio, temporary accommodation during the construction of a new home, as short-term holiday accommodation, an extra classroom at school or as a display suite for a future development: trust us when we say – the possibilities are limitless.