All about Humpy Co.

A Labour of Love

The Humpy Co. story began as a labour of love for father and son team Brian and Travis Lowe. Based in Bangalow, on the Far North Coast of NSW, Humpy Co. is a small space solution with a big future.

Beyond being known as ‘tiny’ homes for those trading space for simplicity, our backyard Pods are versatile in design and limitless space-creating solutions, crafted with integrity and respect for the environment.

Beauty in Simplicity

Minimalist by design, a Humpy Co. Pod can maximise the usability of your redundant space. Pods come flat-packed and can be installed in a day, offering a practical solution for home and commercial use.

These cost-effective Pods can be used as an extra room for a growing family, a private home office, music-studio, temporary accommodation during the construction of a new home, as short-term holiday accommodation, an extra classroom at school or as a display suite for a future development: trust us when we say - the possibilities are limitless.

How do you know if a Humpy Co. Pod is the
answer to your space needs?

Additional Housing

Humpy Co. granny flat kit homes offer additional housing that’s affordable and versatile. A Pod can be used as an extra room for a growing family, housing for relatives or university students, private home office or studio, hobbies room, games or pool room, short-term holiday accommodation, quiet study room for a high-schooler, nanny or au-pair quarters. This includes residential and farm blocks.

Temporary Accommodation

A Pod can be used as temporary accommodation during the construction of a new house and once the main house is complete, you get to have a new guesthouse for extra space (or it can be relocated to another site).

Sustainable Living, Rural Accommodation, Holiday Accommodation

Are you looking to live more sustainably and have less of an impact on the environment? Do you need an extra bedroom or even a holiday cabin-style accommodation? Then, a Pod can make that dream come true.

And the beauty of our sustainable prefabricated Pods is that they can be disassembled and
relocated as and when your needs change.

Meet the Team

Humpy Co. is led by Managing Director and Developer Travis Lowe and his partner Simone. The team also includes Director Brian Lowe, Factory Manager Henrik and Client Services Manager Michele. With over 50 years of combined experience and a passion for building for today's needs, we pride ourselves on creating innovative space-saving solutions for our customers all over Australia.

Travis Lowe
Managing Director and Developer

Simone Lowe

Brian Lowe

Henrik Lennartsson
Factory Manager

Michele Cavanagh
Client Services Manager

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